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rundown (& more) of week 1

whew! first week of classes is finally over! the following is stuff that's happened this week.

- precalc: it's the almost daily dose of math that i'll have to endure at 9 in the morning. so far it's pretty easy because we've been reviewing algebra but i expect it'll kick into high gear soon enough and i'll have to ask the calc students from the 8am class to put me out of my misery. i'm kind of pissed that i didn't take this class last year. now i'm behind with the calc sequence. :( broges seems like a really good teacher. i'll look into taking her for calc.
- french: yes! we're reviewing everything from the beginning (french 111, 112, 203). i'm surprised at everything i've forgotten. i found out that i still can't tell if a noun is masculine or feminine. i guess it didn't help that je n'étudie pas pendant les vacances. jones is an interesting teacher. he gave us some really interesting and random vocab words. i definitely like that he speaks more english to us than garrett did. if garrett spoke english to us, which he rarely did, he would then tell us to answer in french, pretending that he didn't understand english. i'm not saying that garrett was a bad teacher, just that we weren't, or at least i wasn't, at that fluency/comprehension level.
- psci: it's going to be a very interesting class! law, politics & environment, oh my! kimerling seems very knowledgeable but she does speak a bit too fast for notetaking. in addition, packets #1 and 2 look quite intimidating! i'm excited that i'll be learning so much from this class!!
- geo: lab was kind of annoying. it felt like i was back in geo 101 again, helpless and dumb. i've learned that i still can't properly identify rocks, in this case, sedimentary rocks. we had a sub, pekar's grad student, who didn't have the answers so he wasn't much help. that is, he provided guidance but he couldn't give us concrete answers. so now labs are on tuesday and lectures on thursday. pekar's work seems impressive and he seems like a nice guy and everything. however, i think he freaked me out with the whole "no multiple choice" tests. basically, it'll be short-short, short, and long answer questions. according to him, a monkey could take a multiple choice test. :( the lighting in SB D135 sucks; it's ruining my vision!
- journ: drachlis works for newsday, a newspaper that i'm not too fond of reader. aside from that, he seems very likable and fair. it's another 9am class but it meets only once a week. that means the class is 3 hours long. it's hardly a boring class but i'm not good at sitting and paying attention for that long. i'm also not too excited about having to read newspapers every day. i tried to read every article in the "a" section of the new york times and did not get through it at all. normally i wouldn't bother but he's going to quiz us on current events every other week. oh boy.
- qcec: I AM SO EXCITED! i'm trying to find things to do this semester and i just get so excited thinking about plans. i'm kind of worried whether i'll enough time to devote to the club but i'll see what happens and try to make it work out.
- nypirg: there's a meeting this monday! i have no idea what i'll be doing and when i'll be doing that stuff.
- golden key: grrrr. i tried to contact them about the literacy project but still have not heard from them. i wonder if it's too early??
- scholarships: i need to work on obtaining letters of recommendation. i keep forgetting. :(
- piano: i. must. practice. more!



I'm really tired. School is wearing me out. I'm scared to think of my condition by the time finals week arrives. That 5 day weekend was nice but I didn't get much done. I enjoy staying and sleeping in bed way past normal wake-up time on non-school days. It's a horrible habit of mine and it definitely screws with my body clock. Anyways, onto the real rant:

CS12 - ARGH! It's not too bad of a class. It's not too hard for me and I did like learning about DOS commands but I have some ranting to do about the way my professor conducts the test(s). I've only had one so far and I hoping that it will be different next time, hence the parentheses. It's a once a week class with two lectures and two labs crammed in. This past week she had us come in one hour later for a "test review" but I thought it was utterly stupid. She was basically giving us all the answers to the test. She might as well have took the test for us while she was at it. I was also equally annoyed at the fire drill/evacuation. I honestly still do not know if it was a drill or the real thing. They made us stand outdoors for 30 minutes (I was freaking out because I'd left EVERYTHING inside thinking that we'd only be outside for 10 minutes at most). Building & Grounds, campus police AND a fire truck showed up but I don't think anything really happened.

The rest of my classes: I'm doing my worst so far. Maybe I'm not putting in enough time and effort? My grades are unbelievably mediocre and I know I can do so much better.

To end on a happier note, I've got to admit I'm completely in love with bento box lunches! I really want to get into the habit of making them. It'll cost me some time (and money, initially) but it's another environmentally and health conscious step. :)



piano lessons

So ... I had my first piano lesson in what seems like eons (probably closer to a year or so). Nothing much happened but I feel that this is really the start of something interesting. I was really embarrassed not to have anything prepared except for a Brahms pieces that I had done so long ago (Intermezzo in A-Major??) and, of course, I sucked at it majorly because I did not practice conscientiously after my last lesson. It was also embarrassing not to be able to play scales properly. Seriously. I hated not being able to play another piece and it made me feel like a broken record (i.e., constantly playing the same thing over and over again). After playing for a bit, we decided to create a scale project starting from E major (please no laughing! I dunno why i couldn't get the fingering and the 4 sharps down correctly) -- scale, cadences, arpeggios and chords. Then we settled on a bit of Chopin (a waltz though I'm not sure which one yet), Bach (I believe it's a piece from the Well-Tempered Clavier) and Mozart (a sonata -- can't remember the KV number). Hopefully I'll be able to work in some practice time into my crazy schedule.




I've always used my lack of experience with LJ as an excuse to explain my lack of entries. Now that I'm more acquainted with LJ, I can proudly acknowledge this as my first official entry. :)



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